Moving on.

I think the hardest thing about loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings, is the hope that one day they will. That one day they will fall head over heels in love with you, and they will feel that same butterfly feeling in the pit of their stomach that you feel at the sight of their face, the sound of their voice.
But the sickening reality is that they won’t ever see you in that way. Your face won’t be the face that they will wish to wake up to everyday, your caress will not be the touch that they yearn for and your kiss will not be the one that they crave.
Slowly, this hope slowly diminishes until you realise that you will never be the one that they are looking for, the one that they truly deserve.

The second hardest thing is watching them fall for someone else, hearing them talk about others that they feel affection for. Telling them that you are happy for them, despite the immense feeling of heartbreak that you are experiencing in that moment. The pain is evident in your eyes, and in your voice but you will them not to notice.

Despite all of this emotional pain, you still want them to be happy; even if this happiness is not a result of your presence.

Although I feel so much pain at seeing you with someone else, I still wish you the best. Your happiness has always been paramount to me, even if it is with another girl.

All the best.

Lots of love,



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