I have been happier during the past few months, than I have been in such a long time. It’s a strange feeling, contentment. I never thought that I would achieve, or even deserve, contentment and comfort with other human beings.I never thought myself worthy of such great, accepting company.Yet here they are, making me that one step closer to accepting and believing in myself. Not only do they accept me, but they well and truly believe in me more than I ever thought anyone could.

They amplify my greatest qualities, and make me into the best possible version of myself. They ground me. They aid me in my darkest moments, instead of deserting me like people have done before.

What beauty, to have such amazing people inhabiting this cruel world. What wonder, to have people possessing such staggering qualities. What grace, to be supported by such wondrous humans. What sadness, that not everyone will get to befriend these people. But what a gift, that I am blessed enough to witness their presence.

Beauty is all around us, if only we are open to it. Open your mind wide enough, and you will witness one of these rare beings and cherish the wonder that surrounds you.

Society oppresses people everywhere, but there are some that are courageous enough to revolt against it. I have been lucky enough to meet some of these brave people, and my life has improved greatly since.

I am blessed.

Dedicated to Josh and Libby.


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