Today I heard the most stupid statement that I have ever heard in my life. What was this statement, you ask?

Everyone is a little bit racist.”

…. In what world?

I am sorry, but to me this sounds like an excuse to be racist. It is making it okay to be racist. This is wrong.

It is not okay to be racist. It is NEVER okay to be racist. I dispute this statement. I am not racist, not even a little bit. I do not judge on race, or discriminate people of a certain race. That is judgemental, wrong and just frankly sickening.

If someone is a horrible person and commits an act of wrongdoing, I believe that is purely because they are evil – it is nothing to do with their race. Therefore, I do not judge on race of religions or anything else that is different to me. Just because someone is different to you in the majority population in your country, it does not give you the right to discriminate and prejudice.

Please. Can we please all be decent human beings. It makes me sick that there is over 7 billion people on the planet, yet we still have such little humanity.


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