Please. Stop.

Everywhere I look on social media, there is someone glorifying mental illnesses.
“omg I have such bad social anxiety, omg lol”
I feel so sad, I think I have depression”
“omg I haven’t eaten anything all day, am I anorexic???”
“scars are beautiful. Here are my scars.” *shares picture

No. Please, I beg you all to stop. Mental illness is nothing to brag about, or be proud of. It is not something to romantisice and for it to be made out to be a good thing to have. You do not have anxiety if you manage to go out all the time, you are not depressed if you are just sad. I don’t think the people who do this realise just how debilitating and horrific it is to have an actual mental illness.

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you will know that I’ve suffered with depression for the past few years and severe mood swings. I self harmed for a while. And you know what? While I have been suffering, I have never ever glorified this hell that I have been living in. Some days I can’t even bring myself to get out of bed, I cry myself to sleep a lot, I have panic attacks till I’m physically sick sometimes, I feel trapped. I sometimes get so freaking angry and scared and I don’t know how to control it. I live in constant fear of death, and illnesses that I have no control over. I’m constantly checking myself for signs of cancer, and I have bad paranoia. I can go from a manic high to a depressed episode within a couple of hours. None of this is desirable, and I wish that people would see that. It is hell. It is not something to glorify, and definitely not something to brag about.

Please when you are doing this, just think. Think about all the people who are suffering with depression, bipolar, anxiety, paranoia, schizophrenia. None of these people wish for this fate. Neither should you.


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