The only thing that is keeping me going atthe moment is thoughts of the future, and thoughts of potentially trying to achieve my dreams. So this post is going to be about my dreams, because I feel like if I write about them then they will distract me from real life right now.

My dreams.

  • I want to help people. That is my main dream, helping people. I know that I will not be able to change the world, no matter how much I want to, but I can change a few people’s lives for the better. And that is what I aim to do. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do, or who I want to be yet but I will help people. I will. And if I don’t, then life just won’t be worth living for me.
  • I want to volunteer abroad. I want to go to less developed countries like Kenya or Thailand and volunteer. I want to volunteer in childcare and volunteer with elephants.
  • I want to teach English abroad.
  • I want to foster as many children as possible as well as possibly having my own.
  • I want to fundraise for mental health charities and raise as much awareness for mental health as possible.
  • I want to travel. Around America, Asia and Africa. While I’m travelling I want to volunteer and meet lots of new people. And work over there.
  • I want to experience adventure.

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