Okay, so the girl in that picture is me.

I have never been happy or content with the way that I look. I have a lot of flaws.

You can’t really see in the picture, but I have a scar. On my right cheek. I previously had a dimple there, but not anymore. I had a birthmark and I was bullied for it quite badly so I made the decision to have it removed. Now I have a scar.

I hate my nose.

I’m uncomfortable with my weight. I’m fat.

I don’t like my eyes, or my smile.

I compare myself to others a hell of a lot.

My hair isn’t long enough and it never looks as good as others.

I’m the ugly friend.

But despite all of these flaws, I am me. And I’m just beginning to accept that. I can’t change myself, and no-one should ask me to.

I am me.


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