The Paedophile Next Door

Did any of you watch The Paedophile Next Door last week on Channel 4? Wow. It was extremely interesting. It will most likely change your entire outlook on paedophiles.

Personally, I already adopted the view that the programme portrayed before watching the programme. However, I do know some people who were extremely judgemental prior to watching the programme and their views had been manipulated once hearing these controversial views.

The programme mainly centred around paedophile’s who knew that they were attracted to children but didn’t act on this attraction. One man came out on TV as a paedophile. However, this man had never exploited children or sexually abused children. He never feasted his eyes on child porn or anything along those lines. He just simply had an attraction to children and knew that this was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. He stated that he would never abuse a child, however.
A researcher in this programme believed that there are a number of paedophile’s who don’t act on their attraction and urges, but the media just doesn’t portray this group. All we ever see as a human race are paedophile’s who exploit children, but this isn’t always the case.

We treat OCD. Peadophillia is also a mental illness, in which the individual feels like they have to act upon this attraction. Therefore, if we treat OCD and other mental illnesses why aren’t we encouraging paedophiles to get help?

As a society, we are extremely selfish and judgemental. This isn’t everyone, but the majority are. If we didn’t marginalise paedophile’s, then these people could get help before they act on their urges. Therefore, we would see less child abuse crimes.

Please, if you ever have these thoughts or know someone who has these thoughts. Get help, or get the individual help.

These individuals often can’t help these thoughts, and we need to help them.


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