The narrow minded views that exist in society today actually make me sick. I actually cannot believe how selfish people can actually be. I’ve heard many people in my lifetime say “well if I’m in a good position, I don’t care about anyone else.” How can this be? That humans are now tuned to only consider themselves and not another person?

I was actually talking to someone the other day about how now I’m working, I’m going to donate to charity every month and start fundraising and actually trying to make a difference. Other people said that I should focus on myself and buy things for myself, and not worry about anyone else because their problems are often their fault and can’t be fixed. That made me angry. I care about other people more than myself, and helping other people is what makes me happy. How can I sit here and only care about myself? I realise I have a great life, and despite undergoing depression and assessments right now I still consider others. It makes me sad that I have a great life; great family, great friends, a shelter, great education and many more things that too many people take for granted, when others don’t have all or any of these things. There are people suffering out there and we can’t ignore it.

Poverty, homelessness, bad mental health, drug addictions, bereavement etc. These are just a minority of all of the things that people are suffering with right now. And if I can do something to help that, then I will do whatever I can.


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