I need to vent.

I’m in a super angry mood and I don’t really have any idea why. I suppose it’s partly the amplification effect. You know when things just build up, so it seems like everything is just on top of you? Yeah, basically that’s what’s happening to me right now. So this blog post is going to be a bit disorganised and muddled up, but it should help to release some of the anger that is building up inside me. Hopefully.

Right, so there are these massive bullies in my year. They’re really horrible and immature and just bully anyone they possibly can. Today I was feeling pretty angry in the afternoon which was weird because I was in an awesome mood this morning. One of them made a comment towards our group (after throwing paper balls at us, mature right?) and I just snapped and told him to shut up. This led to a little bit of an argument which consisted of him making mean comments such as no-one likes me, to which I replied “Yep. Okay. Yep.” I just don’t understand why people find belittling other people and making them feel like they’re useless is fun?

Was having a debate earlier with some people, and I was basically saying that people who are addicted to drugs should get help and they do need help. I was also saying that I do feel sorry for drug addicts because sometimes they may feel like it’s the only release for them, and they may grow up in an area where drugs are normal so they are socialised into that. Why do we need to marginalise such groups, instead of accepting them and giving them the help they need? However, my friends thought different which I completely respect! But it just upset me a little. They were just saying that they don’t deserve help and it’s their fault etc. Which I do understand kind of, but it must be amazing to live in such a perfect little world where people don’t need to seek a release. Just because we might not understand why people feel the need to do drugs personally, doesn’t mean that other people have that same way of thinking. We need to empathise, not marginalise.

How selfish people actually are. I watched this video experiment, where Sam Pepper went into a restaurant and asked some people who clearly could afford to eat out and buy food for a slice of pizza. All of these people rejected him. He then got his friends to buy and give a homeless man a pizza. Sam Pepper then went to this homeless man and asked for a slice of pizza. The homeless man said “yes, of course” and handed him 1 or 2 slices. The video then ended with “often those who have less give more.” This angered me a little bit. As soon as I have a job, I am going to be donating to charity and I’d definitely give some of my food to someone who needs it. People are just so selfish.

In lesson today, my teacher and my classmates were talking about designer labels. Mainly, Michael Klaus. My teacher was saying that she has around £25,000 worth of designer stuff at her house. I don’t know, that figure just makes me feel so sick. Just how people will invest that much into labels that mean absolutely nothing, but won’t invest a few pounds a month to charity.

Yeah, so that’s it or I’m going to blow fumes in a minute.


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