Stop crime.

This video really hit home. It’s the new campaign released by UNICEF; a child dies every five minutes due to violence from both religion and crime. Those 25 minutes that you spend doing your hair and makeup, 5 children have died as a result of religious and deviant actions.

What this video is trying to portray is that their is no vaccine to suddenly stop violence. Civil wars aren’t going to stop any time soon, crime isn’t going to decrease significantly in the next few days. There is only us that can do something and we need to take a stand. We can’t let children, or anyone in fact, keep dying due to religious wars and murderers and violent people. We aren’t the murderers, or the paedophiles or the abusers; but we are just idly standing by and letting this happen. I don’t know how we can make a change, but we are going to have to. I don’t know about you, but I hate just sitting here doing nothing and getting on with my life while innocent people are dying. I am such a lucky person, I wish I could just transfer some of this luck to those people who don’t have it so good. It hurts me so much that innocent people are dying all around the world, especially in countries such as Syria.

I need to do something.


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