So it’s easy to say just how much you love and appreciate your family and friends, but that doesn’t really mean anything unless you prove it. I’m an extremely emotional person and I have to tell the people close to me that I love them often, and I tell my family every single day. But I know that I don’t do enough to prove to them just how much they mean to me, and I figured this post would be a start. I wouldn’t be here without my friends and family, and they have all supported me so much throughout all the difficult moments in my life and whenever I have been under duress. It’s safe to say that I am stressed the majority of the time, and my family and friends have to put up with me throughout my stress-out moments; which are unfortunately a lot.

My family have been through so much but we always manage to get through it together and I can’t tell them how much I appreciate what they have done for me. My parents are the strongest people I have ever met, and I seriously look up to them and it would be amazing if I was even half as strong as they are. Me and my siblings have unfortunately been through quite a bit, and my parents have had to help us through all these times. Firstly, when my sister was a baby she was extremely ill and my parents weren’t sure if she would even make it through. They told me a story about another young baby on the ward who was really ill with meningitis. Unfortunately, this baby didn’t make it through. The parents said to my mother and father that they really hoped and prayed that my sister would make it through. And she did. My heart aches for this family who lost their baby, but I thank them for those words that they said to my parents. My sister did make it through, thankfully, and she is the best sister I could ever ask for. Then my mother’s brother died, and they were really close. He committed suicide and I never knew just how much pain my mother has been through. I admire her so much for getting through everything, despite having reoccurring episodes of depression. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Then I went through a period of depression which I still have, but I self-harmed. My parents helped me through this, again. My brother then developed anorexia nervosa and was in an eating disorder unit for months, and we could only see him once every fortnight. This was extremely hard for all of us, but especially my parents. They had to leave their son in an unfamiliar place, and watch his face as we left him there. My brother is better now, even though he still has a lot of anorexic tendencies. These struggles continue, but we are all still here and are still all very close.

I want to talk about each member of my family separately and recognise how amazing each and every one of them are.
Firstly, there is my mother. As I said before, my mum is the most amazing woman that I have ever met. She has a beautiful personality and is so kind to everyone. She is amazing at her job (a pharmacy assistant) and makes her customers feel so t ease. That is one of the best things about her; she can make anyone feel comfortable. She is so strong and has been through more than a person should have from childhood to adulthood but she managed to meet someone who loves her unconditionally and managed to produce a family who also loves her unconditionally. She does so much for all of us, and whenever I have a hard day she’s always there with a smile and always manages to make me feel better. She cooks, she cleans, she works etc. She does everything for us and I can’t tell her how thankful I am. I love her so much and she is the best mum that I could ever ask for.

Then there is my father. My dad is hilarious. He makes everyone laugh and smile with ease, and all my friends love him. I haven’t met one person that hasn’t liked my father. He just knows how to put everyone at ease and make everyone feel comfortable. My parents have this in common. He is also such a giving person and has dedicated his life to nursing and making people better. He is an amazing nurse and all his patients are lucky to have him looking after them. He is the best dad that I could ever ask for, and he always makes me feel better. He just cracks a joke and there is a smile on his face. He is always there for all of us and he has been through so much. He is currently quite ill and has finally gone back to work after having months off, and I’m so glad that he is getting better because I have no idea where I would be without him.

My youngest sister, Megan. Megan such a great sister. Despite only being 15 years old, I can talk to her about absolutely anything and she never judges. She can tell when I am upset and lets me rant to her about anything. She can be a snappy little buggar, but she is always there at the end of the day. We argue about something stupid and then straight after we are back talking to normal. She is really funny and we can just sit with eachother for hours talking about stupid things or just playing games. We are so close and I hope that it will always be that way.

My oldest sister, Jessica. I’m not going to lie, me and Jess haven’t always been on the best of terms growing up. However, even though we have had countless arguments I know that she is always there for me. She recently moved out and I really miss her and worry for her. We don’t get to see eachother very often, and I love it when we do. She is an amazing person, and is now a qualified nurse and has a long-term boyfriend whom she lives with. She has done really well for herself and I’m really proud of her and I would be lucky to be like her when I am older. She has a good mind of her own and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself which I admire. I love her and her and Megan are the greatest sisters ever and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

My brother, Joshua. Josh is the most annoying person ever, but he is hilarious and makes me laugh. Despite how angry he can make me sometimes, I really do love him. He acts like he doesn’t care, but I remember once when we were younger and someone was making fun of me and he offered to beat him up for me. I’m against violence but that was his way of telling me he cares. He is a great brother and he has been through so much and he got through at the other side and for that I am so proud. He managed to beat Anorexia, and for that I admire him. He is one of the strongest people I have ever met and I hope that I can adopt that personality trait. Me and Josh are more alike than we care to admit and we clash quite often but he is a great brother.

My nan. My nan is absolutely amazing. She does anything for her grandkids and I know that I can always go to her whenever I need help. When I finally was able to speak out about my depression, my nan helped me through it and I could talk to her about anything whenever I needed to. She let my stay with her for 2 weeks while I was on a placement and it was amazing to chill out and be in a quiet environment. Words can’t explain how much I love and appreciate my nan and grandad and they would do absolutely anything for us.

My grandad. Despite being the most sarcastic person I have ever met, I love my grandad so much. He is hilarious and makes me laugh and smile throughout anything. He would do anything for us. Me and megan always like to play cards or dominoes or quizzes with my Grandad and I always have fun whenever I am there. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him and I don’t tell him how much I love and appreciate him but he knows.

My Auntie Jan and Uncle Steve. I used to see these 2 so often and I’d be around at their house all the time. They are amazing and make me feel so happy and comfortable whenever I go around. They have done a lot for me over the years and I don’t see them as often as I like anymore but I do love them.

My cousin, Sarah. Sarah is amazing. She makes me smile so much and we laugh about anything. We have been arguing more lately, but we are beginning to sort it out. We are really close and I can talk to her about anything and she would never judge. When we hang out we just sit eating a load of crap and watching films like Hairspray and it is so nice to chill out. I forget about my troubles when I’m with Sarah and I love her a lot.

My auntie Jo, Uncle Wayne, Connor and Jake. These guys are some of my favourite people ever.We have been on countless holidays together and I always look forward to these holidays. We always spend New Years eve together as well and they make me forget about everything. I always have fun whenever we’re together and I love them a lot!

So this was a mega long post and I doubt anyone actually read it but I just wanted to write about some of my favourite people in my life – and this is only my family. My friends will be the next post. I have a massive support system, and I love them all so much. There are more members of my family that I would like to talk about, and talk more to but we are no longer as close as we are previously which is unfortunate. But I do love them.


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