Life is pointless.

Sometimes I wish that when I go to sleep, that I’d never wake up again. That when I close my eyes that night, they wouldn’t open again the next morning.

I don’t have the energy anymore. Life is shit. I love my family and friends to pieces, and the guy I love is amazing. But my family are taking the only happiness I’ve felt for the past 4 months away.

They found out about the guy I’d been talking to online (the guy I love) and they don’t approve. None of my family do. So I can’t make any decisions about meeting him really until I leave home. That will be another year, and he’s not willing to wait that long. I love him so much and I can’t live without him, but there is nothing I can do about it now.

I give up.


2 thoughts on “Life is pointless.

  1. No please don’t give up :/ *hugs* I want to console you but ah! it’s hard to find the right words. Here’s some cake — (insert your favourite here)


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