Tips on losing weight healthily.

So, about 2 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to lose weight. Well, I’ve always known I need to lose a little weight but that was when I was motivated enough to begin healthy eating. Since I started healthy eating and exercising more, I have lost about half a stone.

I don’t know how much good this will be, but I know I would have benefited from some tips so I wanted to offer some to everyone who is interested.

1. Don’t think of it as a diet. Because that thought will just scare you and then you will be reluctant to start. Just think of it as healthy eating. 

2. very important! Don’t skip meals. Especially breakfast. Since you have been fasting all night, you need some food in the morning for energy.

3. Just cut your portion sizes. If you’re having meat, it should be around the same size as your palm.

4. Fruit and veg. Aim for your 5 a day, but I know this isn’t always possible!

5. You don’t have to cut out everything. I love my cheese, so I get low fat spreadable cheese. You need to aim to cut your fat out of your diet, and your sugar as our body can’t really digest these so we store it and then we become overweight.

6. Try to cut out fizzy pop. Even diet. Diet coke is no points on weightwatchers and doesn’t make you gain weight, but it makes you feel bloated after drinking it. So you feel full, but then when it wears off it makes you feel hungry and you want to eat.

7. Please don’t go overboard and starve yourself. I watched my brother go through a severe eating disorder and it is terrible. Don’t hurt yourself trying to look better, just be happy with yourself. You’re all beautiful, and be healthy for your own health and not to please everyone else.

8. Give yourself a snack once a week. This will motivate you.

9. If you’re feeling hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit or a low fat yoghurt. This can be surprisingly filling!

10. Drink lots of water. It is important to keep hydrated, and water fills you up so you feel less healthy.

At first, this may be hard especially if you’re like me and love your food. But stick at it and it will all work out. I wish you all the best. ♥


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