Overcoming fear.

Fear is something that is created by our overactive minds as an irrational response to something that can appear threatening. For example, it could be something that we aware exists such as a spider. However, it could also be something that we don’t have enough substantial evidence for existing such as ghosts. Both fears are very very real to the sufferer.

So how can we overcome fear? This conditioned response that we are used to?
I could say something scientific that is actually used in practices such as Systematic Desensitisation. This is where you gradually approach the object that you’re scared of. For example, you would create a hierarchy of fear where you would look at a picture first and then work up to actually seeing the thing in person.

However, I feel that some tips from me may be more beneficial. This is not me being arrogant, I have just felt with intense fear for years now and I have learnt to barely manage with some strategies of my own.

When dealing with fear, it is not best to ignore the thing that scares you. Don’t bury the thoughts, because eventually they will manifest themselves into something more worse and bigger. Come face on with the thoughts.

I have serious health anxiety. Anything that is an illness or anything along them lines scares me. An example of this is seizures. At first, I buried the thoughts but I kept replaying the day I saw someone have a seizure in my mind and the thoughts that I’d tried so hard to bury manifested themselves into serious anxiety and depression.
So if you’re scared of something, TALK to someone. Don’t stay in the dark waiting for the problem to go away, because the problem will always find you unless you tackle it.

You may think that talking is a pointless idea, but trust me; it really isn’t. Once I started talking about my fears, I started to manage them easier. I’m not going to lie and tell you that they have gone and that I don’t have problems anymore, because I do. But day to day life is easier. Seek help, please. Talk to me if that will help you.

Do some research. When my counsellor suggested this to me, it terrified me. I didn’t even start to do it for another few weeks. But when I started to find out what caused seizures, I started to deal a little more and I have stopped analysing the space around me every time I move. But don’t go overboard and obsess over researching whatever scares you, because that could make your fear worse.

Breathing exercises. I have found that breathing in and out slowly and deeply works the trick. I do this while closing my eyes and whenever I feel my dormant anxiety starting to bubble into something much worse. It doesn’t work all the time, but in some cases it is very helpful.

Keep a diary. Sometimes I don’t have time to write in mine, but when I have bad thoughts I dig it out and write all of my thoughts out. Maybe once your thoughts are out, everything won’t seem as bad as you thought and the thought can stop terrorising you because you have released it on to some paper.

Don’t let your fear control you. Control your fear.


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