Epic love story.

We all want an epic love story to unfold in our lives. Similar to that of Allie and Noah in The Notebook, or Jack and Rose in Titanic or even Romeo and Juliet (besides the tragedy that entails, of course.) But are these couples really a true portrayal of how love works in the real world?

Although all of these characters do undergo difficult times during their relationship in these stories, the portrayal is nothing like reality. Most romance films end when the characters are deeply in love and it looks like nothing bad could happen ever again. When the characters are deep in happiness. But unlike films, life doesn’t just end at the brink of a couple’s or individuals happiness. Life carries on, and couples carry on.

My parents, for example. They have been married for 24 years this year. I don’t know how things were for them at the beginning of their relationship, but their relationship is nothing like the ones that is portrayed in films. It is better in some aspects. Fair enough, their relationship may lack the romance and sap that characters have in the film but what do you expect after 24 years? The beginning stage of a relationship doesn’t last forever. Instead of all that, they stick by eachother through everything. They argue, which is normal. Mostly over stupid things but they always, always, make up afterwards and are back to their normal functioning within no time. They make jokes about eachother, but at the end of the day they’re always there for eachother and always will be. For better or for worse. 

So that is why real life couples are better than the ones that are in films. Sure, there are bad times but they stick at it until they’re through the bad times. I’d much rather be the way my parents are, than a couple is in films. My perfect relationship is one that may not be perfect and romantic, but I want to be comfortable with them and want to be with them forever.

I haven’t experienced a relationship that is worth noting here. But I do love someone, but that unfortunately probably won’t work out. That is the true reality. Not every individual who is in love ends up with that person they want to be with. Unlike films, not everything has a happy ending. But that’s okay. We can make our own ending.

Maybe everything is predestined for us. Maybe I’m on a path that was already decided for me before I was even born. Maybe the bad things that I go through, and the people who don’t like me back, are for a reason. I like to think that I’ll meet the right person one day, who will be the one for me. 

Hey, maybe soulmates aren’t real. But I’d like to think that there is someone roaming this Earth right now who was predestined for me.

Who knows where we will end up, or what we will do in the future, but all I know is that it’s okay that I don’t know. I will someday and that someday is worth the wait.

“I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend.” – John Green.


2 thoughts on “Epic love story.

  1. beautiful story, i liked the john green quote since.. i am a fan! i made a list of best songs for long distance relationships, check it out if you can .. i am new to wordpress


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