A day of daily hassles.

Everyone experiences daily hassles. Whether that be waiting in a long queue at a shopping centre or stubbing your toe on the coffee table, everyone experiences a feeling of utter annoyance when they happen.

Today has been a day of daily hassles for me. Not understanding the details in biology when everyone else did, having too much work and struggling to manage my time, dropping my papers, not finding clothes in my size, really liking a top but it not looking right on me. All of these aggravated me to a certain extent, and at the moment that I was experiencing them I felt deprived.

I wasn’t deprived. And neither is anyone who experiences these daily hassles. We are relatively deprived. This is where we feel deprived but in actual reality, we’re not. We’re actually very privileged.

So when you can’t find a top in your size, pause. Stop and think. Compared to everyone on this Earth that is starving, or homeless, or fighting a terrible illness that top doesn’t seem so important.

This is the harsh reality. People who are privileged feel so disadvantaged when in actual fact we aren’t. We don’t focus on the conditions that other people are living in and the disasters that they are facing.


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