Working 9 till 5? More like never having a break.

Okay, so maybe I’m not actually a worker. And maybe many workers would argue that sixth form or school doesn’t substitute as work. But pretty much all students would argue that education is just as tiring and draining as a 9 while 5 job. 

Sixth form is soul sucking. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic. I know what you’re thinking; a little? But unless you’ve experienced the true reality of sixth form, you can’t possibly know how much truth my sentences and complaints actually hold. The amount of work that us students are given on a daily basis from each A-Level subject is enough to fill the boot of a car. Sorry, being dramatic again. But there is a lot.

I often find myself unable to fit all of the work I get given into my daily schedule. As well as having to be at school, eat, have a bath and everything else that I have to do that night it is really difficult to do about 10 different pieces of homework. Some of them including a 33 mark essay. 

So, I am here to give you future prospect sixth-form students a little bit of advice. Don’t ignore these tips, they’re vital to surviving sixth form. Sometimes, I don’t even think I’ll survive till the end of the week never mind another entire year.

1. Try and do the work that is set as soon as you get it: Although this may seem daunting, or stupid, trust me – it isn’t. Better to keep on top of the work before reaching the end of the week and staring at the colossal pile of work that you have staring at you in the corner of your room.

2. Consolidate after each lesson: I know. Doing this as well as the homework that you’re set seems impossible, but if you don’t consolidate your learning after each lesson then you will reach the time of the exams and think that you don’t know anything. That’s irrefutable. 

3. Invest in a stress ball: IT HELPS. I currently have a TARDIS stress ball sitting right beside me. While I’m squeezing the hell out of it while I’m stressing, I sometimes wish I could enter that TARDIS and fly away with the Doctor as his companion and escape the hell that is sixth form. Preferably with Matt Smith. 

4. Make sure you have a break: If you don’t relax at some point during the week, you will go crazy. Trust me, it happened to me. I worked myself sick last year and I ended up ill. Don’t let that happen to you. 

5. Seek help from your teachers or advisers. They’re there to help, take advantage of that.

I hope these tips have helped you, if only a little bit. If they haven’t, just tell me I’m useless. That’s okay. But I suggest you follow my tips.

Good luck




3 thoughts on “Working 9 till 5? More like never having a break.

  1. Great blog and thanks for the tips – hopefully they will come in handy this year. I’m particularly trying to focus on number 2 at the moment. Thanks again 🙂


    • aw thankyou and I hope they do come in handy! I got an ABB in my first year, through a loooot of hard work but you will do the same if you’re focusing on consolidating! I started properly revising in December for my may exams, so I started really early. but good luck, and talk to me if you need any advice! 🙂


      • Hi there 🙂 I haven’t been on this for a while as my first year of AS-Levels have just been so busy but I just wanted to say how great your blog is and thanks for your kind words at the beginning of the year. Your blog is so open and honest which I really admire so just thought I would let you know! This post in particular has been very useful to me as I have been revising on-off from around February and feeling very stressed. I am sorry that this is so late but I just thought I would let you know and say thank you. Also well done on your offer – that is really fantastic! All the best and keep smiling!

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