Modern Society.

In the modern society, there are many rules and expectations that we as human beings are expected to follow in order to be accepted. If we don’t, then we are marginalised as a social group and we are expected to fend for ourselves through the prejudice and the discrimination.

We can’t be overweight, we can’t be underweight. We can’t be too smart, we can’t struggle a little at work. We can’t be too modest, but we can’t be too provocative. These are just a few examples of the many expectations that individuals are supposed to meet, but how is that humanly possible when the borderline is so thin?

We can’t all meet the expectations, because that would require everyone to be the same. What kind of society would we be then? We would all be clones, all being subjected to the capitalism that is present in today’s society. We wouldn’t question anything, we wouldn’t stray from what society classes as the ‘norm’. If we were all the same, there would be no variety in thinking, no questioning of opinions. 

Today’s society is so frail and demeaning, and there is a constant pressure on everyone to be the way society wants us to be. And because this isn’t physically possible, people go too far to reach an expectation that could never be reached in the first place.

Eating disorders would be less frequent if society wasn’t so pressurised. If we didn’t see what we see on the media today then people wouldn’t feel forced to reach this expectation of a beautiful body image. Everyone is beautiful, and society needs to respect this and teach this. I am not saying that by changing society’s expectations that we would irradicate diseases such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bullimia. What I am saying is that we would see a dip in today’s statistics.

Society needs a change, and I hope that I will be able to witness and influence this change myself some day with other people. 

Don’t hurt yourselves trying to reach this norm, CHANGE the norm. Do what is best for you, not anyone else.


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